La Maltese Estate Imerovigli
5 Star Boutique Hotel in Santorini

Upon entering La Maltese 5 star Hotel in Santorini, one experiences the truly unexpected. Albeit classed as a Luxury Hotel, this Caldera Boutique Hotel in Santorini exudes an ambience of a privileged members’ club. In a historic location of Imerovigli, this enchanting 5-star hotel is distinguished by luxuring furnishing accompanying  with the grand piano,  adding a sense of bygone mystery and grace. Steeped in history this private accommodation in Santorini seems as if hovering 250 meters above sea level against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the renowned Caldera of Santorini, Greece. La Maltese Estate Boutique Hotel, provides total exclusivity and privacy in a privileged and serene setting of Imerovigli. With no formal reception, it is considered one of the most favourable Luxury Hotels in Greece, as all guests’ wishes come true.


La Maltese Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece

The charming story behind this bedazzling Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece is that it was named after the adjacent Greek Orthodox Church “Madonna La Maltese”. La Maltese 5-star hotel in Santorini expresses the flair and enchantment of a forgotten era. Owned originally by a seafaring Greek Captain of the 1900’s, this neo-classical Santorini hotel has been meticulously renovated with respect to the original style elements, into one of the finest, Santorini luxury hotels.

Exclusive VIP Treatment Hotel

Stepping through the doors of this private Luxury Hotel in Santorini, through its opulent archways, out into the rays of the Aegean sun and onto the expansive 250 sq. meter veranda on the Caldera’s rim, makes guests feel as if stepping into a world of refinement where the neo-classical details of this Cyclades hotel redefine luxury and indulgence. Designed more in the feel of a magnificent private residence, La Maltese Estate luxury Boutique Hotel in Santorini provides a graceful sanctuary where one can enjoy the art de vivre in an enchanting atmosphere of times gone by.

La Maltese VIP treatment hotel, is a haven of luxurious privacy and a privileged world of culture, basked in the glow of dramatically hued sunsets ideal for memorable holidays and dream weddings in Santorini.

The hotel’s bespoke services, the atmospheric spa, the luxurious suites with the amazing Caldera view, the exquisite Mediterranean gourmet restaurant open to the public and the available parking space, make for an unforgettable holiday in Santorini. Offering both privacy and leisure this child-friendly hotel is the perfect choice for both children and adults wishing to experience the extraordinary.

An individual room, suite, or the whole hotel can be booked upon request.

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