A Luxury Hotel placing Greece on the gastronomic map

Enjoying a delectable meal or attending a celebratory occasion at La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini's restaurant and bar, with Mediterranean and fusion Pan Asian dishes, is an experience that will undoubtedly linger on in your memory. Universally acknowledged as having already set new heights of gastronomy in Greece, Buddha Bar Beach Santorini, is without a doubt, one of the foremost dinning and lifestyle experience restaurants on the island! With each ingredient carefully selected, creative dishes and unique Buddha-Bar cocktail recipes, are masterfully prepared and served by the dedicated, courteous staff in the most elegant and sumptuous of settings, in view of the awe-inspiring Caldera and sunset. La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini offers a selection of the finest, internationally awarded wines sourced from Santorini and other parts of the world. Guests are welcome to enjoy a unique dining experience along with an all - round sensory experience in the most intriguing Aegean setting. Candlelit tables under the stars arranged on the terrace or within the main Salon of La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini celebrate a flavoursome choreography of Greek and Pan Asian gastronomic flavours. Every dish along with all Santorinian wines are a culinary masterpiece prepared with handpicked ingredients, locally sourced from Santorini's fertile and mineral-rich soil only when in absolute seasonal abundance. The menu at La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini is comparable to a culinary journey through delectable fresh Mediterranean and fusion Pan Asian creations that reflect the island's abundance and gastronomic superiority. La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach also offers amazing spaces for private dining, an elegantly appointed private balcony for up to 8 guests as well as a gorgeous private terrace for up to 60 guests.